Above is an example of a typical visual kei band.  Note the extravagant dress, something which is a perfect match for the drama of the music and the scene shown in the video.  This particular genre of Japanese music have a rather large fan-base across the world, including America.  Perhaps some of the biggest fans, though, are those found in Germany.



This video gives a (somewhat narrow) view into the world of Visual Kei.  The style is very much like rock, and primarily differs in the appearance of the band members.  This video shows the Germans fans to be very obsessive in there enjoyment of the bands, going so far as to dress like the band members.  As mentioned, this is likely because there is already a fan-base in Germany for androgynous bands.  This is because of bands like Cinema Bizarre:



And, of course, Tokio Hot whose lead singer is famously androgynous:



However, in Japan, things are typically a bit different.  Although the most avid fans are sure to dress up, much like these fans, in Japan, the fashion of visual kei is isolated to the band members.  The androgyny of the bands is accepted, but the same acceptance is not extended to the average individual.  I think this is true for all countries though.  Just think about Lady Gaga for a second.  If anyone in the real world dressed like her, they would probably become victims of a hate crime.  However, it is through the media that many movements are started, particularly in the world of fashion, so it’s not so odd to think that androgyny might soon become an acceptable fashion choice.  I think this would be a good thing because it would act as a sort of cure for the socially constructed gender roles in society, a sort of social deconstruction, if I can have some creative license.